1943 | Malaya

Ref: DR17638
  • £175.00

Malaya. (Netherlands East Indies - POW Mail). 1945. Netherlands East Indies Japanese Occupation 'Dai Nippon' postal stationary card 5c grey written from 'M. van der Scheer. Kamp Adek, Batavia' cancelled by Djakarta date stamp '5th Sept 45' addressed to 'Kees van der Scheer, Landstorm Sergeant No 74599' with framed 'Mare e Ikan' (Transferred to Malaya) in violet and endorsed 'MAL' in pencil indicating 'van der Scheer' had been transferred to Malaya.
Scarce 'Dai Nippon' postal stationery card issued on Jul 1st 1945 when the rate was increased to 5 cents. This card was issued to write to POW's.
Ex. Paul Bulterman's Prisoner of War collection.