Ref: DR17634
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Netherlands East Indies.(Prisoner of War in Java). 1943. Prisoner of War postal stationery card with pre-printed 'Jawa Furyo Shuyosho' (Java Prisoner of War Camp) in brackets, 'Furyo Shuyosho' (Prisoner of War Post) with boxed 'Jawa Furyo Shuyosho, Ken'etsuzumi' (Java Prisoner of War Camp, Censored) in red, written from 'S van Velsen, Hollander, Sergeant, B (V1) 947' addressed to 'Mrs J. van Velsen, Hotel Tegal, Tegal' with circular seal of "Shono" in orange and framed instructional 'Soerat Pembalasannia Haroes Dalam Bahasa Indonesia' in carmine reading (Response must be in the Indonesian Language).
Very fine item written in English from Tjilatjap with code "B"
This rare hand-stamp was only used by the POW camp Tjilatjap, the other camps accepting the use of the English language for correspondence.
The only other example of this hand-stamp is shown by David Tett on page 87 of the Dutch East Indies volume 2.
Ex Paul Bulterman's Prisoner of War collection.