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Netherlands East Indies. (Prisoner of War - Red Cross). 1943. Prisoner of War postal stationery card with pre-printed 'Jawa Furyo Shuyosho' (Java Prisoner of War Camp) in brackets, 'Furyo Shuyosho' (Prisoner of War Post) with boxed 'Jawa Furyo Shuyosho, Ket'etsuzumi' (Java Prisoner of War Camp, Censored) in red, written from 'R. Winsser, No 2588, Dutch, 1st Lieutenant, Java C (Soerabaja) addressed to 'Mrs H. Winesser, c/o Red Cross, Soerabaja' with circular seal in orange (unidentified) and 'Contact Information Bureau Roude Kruis/ Soerabaja' in red on face.
The Red Cross had been located at "Tjiliwoengstraat 24" and jhas been forwarded by the British.
Ex Paul Bulterman's Prisoner of War collection and illustrated in his book 'Nederlands Indie in Oorlog" page 276.