Ref: DR17664
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Netherlands East Indies. (Protection Camp Mail). 1941. Censored envelope addressed to Rantjaekek, Java bearing Netherlands Indies SG 429, 10v vermilion tied by Salatiga date stamp '2nd September 1941' with double ring 'Beheerder/ Beschermingskamp/ Salatiga' in violet with 'Diboeka Oleh Censuur' label tied by 'Censuur/ 5' date stamp '3/9' on face and reverse. A unique item.
Very rare item from Salatiga Protection Camp which hosted 43 German women and 51 children. From the 4th August 1941 Salatiga housed Dutch wives of NSB Party members and Dutch, German and Indonesian wives of Germans.
Illustrated in 'Nico de Weijer's wonderful book 'Postal Censorship and Internment Camp Mail in the Netherlands Indies page 203.
Ex Paul Bulterman's Internment Camp collection and illustrated in his book "Nederlands Indie in Oorlog" page 22.