1941 | China

Ref: DR18024
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China. (United States - Service Suspended). 1941. Envelope addressed to the 'Catholic Mission, Shantung Province, China' bearing United States 'Prexie' SG 802, 2c cerise and SG 896, 3c violet tied by Clovis N. Mex date stamp 'Dec 3rd 1941' with 'Examined By/ 1464' censor label with hand-struck instructional 'Returned To Sender/ Service Suspended' in violet on face. Very fine.
Surface mail, posted 3rd Dec 1941, 5 days before war was declared between Japan and the United States. Shantung (North East coast of China) had been occupied by Japanese Forces in the period after the Japanese invasions into China from 1937 and thus was enemy territory once war had been declared.
Ex Robert Johnson.