1940 | China

Ref: DR18067
  • £750.00

China. (Yunnan Province- Trans - Pacific - Two Ocean Route). 1940. Air Mail envelope written from 'The China Inland Mission, Langchun, Szechuan, (Szechwan), China' addressed to 'The Editor, Young China, China Inland Mission, London' bearing SG 402, 25c ultramarine (pair) tied by Langchun vernacular date stamp with boxed chop (control censor) in red, endorsed 'via North America', routed via Chungking and Kunming (Yunnan) with French Indo-China 'Control Postal' censor label tied by oval 'Ouvert/ Par l ' Autorite Militaire', routed via Singapore with censor tape, tied by 'Passed by/ Censor 15/ Singapore' in violet. Very rare routing via French Indo China, Singapore over the Pacific and Atlantic, Two Ocean route.