1915 | French Colonies (Camerouns)

Ref: DR18040
  • £375.00

French Colonies. (Camerouns). 1915. Stamp-less picture post card of 'Sunday stroll in Jaunde, German Camerouns' addressed to France endorsed 'F.M.', cancelled by 'Tresor et Postes Aux Armees/ Cameroun' date stamp '26th Feb 15' with 'Colonne du Cameroun/ Franchaise Militaire' violet hand-stamp. Very fine and scarce item from the French Occupation of the Camerouns.
In August 1914 the then German Colony of Kameroun was invaded by British and French Troops. The capital Duala was captured after a Naval attack. The German forces retreated inland and were not defeated until 18th February 1916.
Mail sent by the British and French Forces during the Active War time period is very scarce.