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Ref: DR18029
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French Colonies. (New Caledonia - Equatorial Africa - Belgian Congo). 1943. Registered and Advice of receipt envelope addressed to French Equatorial Africa bearing New Caledonia Yvert 159, 5f blue and sepia tied by Noumea/ Nlle Caledonie double ring '30th Oct 43' with Noumea registration label and endorsed 'A.R.' with pink New Caledonia censor tape tied by circular 'Censure Alliee', routed via San Francisco 'Dec 16th' with 'Examined by/ 1683' censor tape, New York transit '23/12', forwarded via South Africa with censor tape tied by 'Coat of Arms/ B' censor cachet in violet applied in Johannesburg, overland by Belgian Congo with Elisabethville '7th Mar 44' and Leopoldville '23/3' and 'Controle Postal/ Commission A/ Afrique Equatoriale Francaise' circular censor with Moyen Congo 'Control Postal' tape tied by oval 'Ouvert/ L' Autorite Militaire' and Libreville/ A.E.F./ Chargements arrival '30th Mars 44' on reverse. Wonderful item of censored mail from New Caledonia routed over the Pacific and Atlantic and overland in Africa with four different country censor tapes and four censor cachets. A journey of five months.
Ex Tony Eastgate.