1941 | French Indo China

Ref: DR18022
  • £550.00

China. (French Indo-China - Bermuda). 1941. Air Mail envelope addressed to Saigon, Indo-China bearing France Yvert 373, 2f rosine, Yvert 499, 5f grey, Yvert 500, 10f violet and Yvert 501, 20f brown tied by Beziers date stamp '22nd Nov 41', endorsed 'via Transatlantic/ American Airways', intercepted in Bermuda with 'Opened by Examiner 1699' censor label endorsed 'IC' with framed instructional 'Retour a L' Envoyeur/ Courier pour l' Indochine limite aux/ Cartes Postales non Recommandees' on face. Superb item routed via Trans-Atlantic and intercepted in Bermuda.
Ex John Marc Sitarik.