1942 | Great Britain

Ref: DR18054
  • £50.00

Great Britain. (Censor - Return To Sender Label). 1942. Illustrated envelope from 'Redcliffe Hotel, Paignton' cancelled by Paighton slogan '24th June', the envelope has been re-used and cancelled by 'Worcester 2 1/2d' meter with 'Lea & Perrins Sauce' slogan in red, with 'Opened by Examiner/ 2802' label and 'P.C. 23/ Return To Sender/ By The Censor/ For Reason Explained in Memorandum Enclosed in This Cover' label attached to face and signed. Enclosed inside the cover 'P.C. 110/ British Postal Censorship/ This letter is returned to sender because no envelope which has already been used may be adapted for re-use for the dispatch of a postal packet destined for the country to which this letter is addressed.'
Very unusual censorship, as this envelope had been re-adapted and used twice it was returned by the censorship.
Ex Alister Kennedy.