1945 | Greece

Ref: DR18053
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Greece. (Rhodes - Return To Sender Label). 1945. Envelope cancelled by Rodi (Egeo) date stamp of the German Occupation with 'Returned To Sender/ By The Censor/ For Reason Explained in Memorandum Enclosed in This Cover/ C.P. 23' with printers code "10432/ PME. J - 2000 - 5/ 45" and signed. Enclosed in the envelope is form 'P.C. 137/ Postal Censorship/ The British Censorship is not Responsible for the Absence of Stamps from the cover of this Postal Packet.'
Morenweiser states Four "Return To Sender" labels are known from Rhodes with Printers code '10432/ PME.J - 2000 - 5/ 45" and code "C.P. 23' top right.
See Morenweiser, British Empire, Mediterranean & Middle East censorship.
Ex Alister Kennedy.