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Netherlands East Indies. (Internment Camp Mail). 1941. Air Mail Netherlands East Indies postal stationery card 3 1/2c grey upgraded with SG 429, 10c vermilion written from 'Alasvallie Internment Camp' dated '29th December 1941', cancelled by 'Cdt. Intern. Kamp/ Koetajane' date stamp '31/12', addressed to Cheribon, routed via Medan '31/12' with 'Gecensureerd/ 14' censor hand-stamp in carmine on face and boxed 'Per Luchpost/ Par Avion' in violet.
Wilheim Hans Hanse was one of 487 German internees being transported from Sibolga to Colombo and Dehra Dun, Internment Camp, British India on the 'S.S. "Van Imhoff" when she was bombed by Japanese war planes off Sumatra 19th January 1942. Out of the 478 internees only 65 survived, 48 swam to the Indies island of Nias and 17 washed ashore on Poelou Simoek.
W.H. Hansen writes to his daughter, three weeks later he perished.
Ex Paul Bulterman's Internment Camp collection and illustrated in his book "Nederlands Indie in Oorlog', page 35.