Ref: DR17635
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Netherlands East Indies. (Prisoner of War in Java). 1944. Prisoner of War postal stationery card with pre-printed 'Jawa Furyo Shuyosho' (Java Prisoner of War Camp) in brackets, 'Furyo Shuyosho' (Prisoner of War Post) with boxed 'Jawa Furyo Shuyosho, Ket'etsuzumi' (Java Prisoner of War Camp, Censored) in red and hand-struck 'Jawa Gun Yokuryusho' (Japanese Army Detention Centre) in carmine, written from G.G. Smit-Misset, Dutch, No 16448. C.R. (Batavia - Djakarta) addressed to 'M.W. Smit, Palembang, Sumatra' with framed 'Ket'etsuzumi' (censored) in violet with circular seal of "Suzuki" in carmine, anointed 'ONT. 30.9.44' in crayon being the date received.
Scarce hand-stamp applied to postal stationery from "C.R." the code for Djakarta.
Ex Paul Bulterman's Prisoner of War collection.