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Netherlands East Indies. (Civilian Internees in Sumatra). 1944. Special Prisoner of War card issued for the civilian internees in Sumatra written from 'Mrs C. Pameijer' dated 'sent Aug 44' in pencil on reverse, addressed to her husband in 'Gloegoer, Prisoner of War Camp, Medan', but the camp had been cleared and Mr Pameijer was in Southern Sumatra.
Card headed with framed 'Gun Yokuryusha Yubin' (Army Internee Mail) with 'Sumatora (in Katakana) Gun Yokuryusho' (Sumatra Army Internment Camp) with boxed 'Ken' etsuzumi' (censored) and censor seal of "Iwamoto" and after forwarding framed 'Ken' etsuzumi' (censored) hand-stamp in violet with oval seal of "Asanuma" in carmine.
Very rare inter-camp mail, less than ten items known of this Civilian Internment Camp card.
Illustrated by David Tett, volume 2, Dutch East Indies page 222.
Ex Paul Bulterman's Prisoner of War collection.