Ref: DR17647
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Netherlands East Indies. (P.O.W. in Malaya & Sumatra). 1945. Post-card headed 'Tawanan Militer' (Military Prisoner) bearing Netherlands East Indies 'Japanese Occupation of Sumatra' SG 21, 10c grey-blue tied by Semarang date stamp '21st June 2605' written from 'A. Bunder, Bangkong' Semarang' addressed to 'Mr F.P.H. Bunder, No 148604, Dutch, Sergeant, Camp Malaya' with oval seal of "Asanuma" and endorsed 'Pakanbaroe' in red crayon with '2' on face, anointed '26/8/45' indicating when the card was received.
It was assumed Bunder had been taken POW in Singapore but he had been transferred to Pakanbaroe.
Ex Paul Bulterman's Prisoner of War collection.