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Netherlands East Indies. (Prisoner of War in Java). 1942. Prisoner of War postal stationery card with pre-printed 'Jawa Furyo Shuyosho' (Java Prisoner of War Camp) in brackets, 'Furyo Shuyosho' (Prisoner of War Post) with boxed 'Jawa Furyo Shuyosho, Ket' etsuzumi' (Java Prisoner of War Camp, Censored) in red written from 'V.S. Gorden, No 1676, British, Airman, Java C (Soerabaja) and dated '25th December 1602 (1942) addressed to 'Mr A. Gorden, Jackidale, Notts, England' with circular seal of "Shono" in carmine, anointed '2nd card arrived 30/12/43' and boxed 'Crown/ Passed P.W. 2701' applied on arrival by British censor.
The R.A.F. had been billeted in Batavia and then moved to Buitenzog. After the surrender to the Japanese Gordon became a POW first at Tasikmalaja, West Java and then to the airfield at Semarang in a party of 200 to extend the aerodrome. It was from Semarang on 25th December 1942 he wrote this his second card home.
Card has been written in English and censored by "Shono". Only one other example is known of this circular Shono censor. See David Tett, Dutch East Indies volume 2, page 266.
Ex Paul Bulterman's Prisoner of War collection.