Ref: DR17660
  • £350.00

Netherlands East Indies. (P.O.W. in Malaya & Sumatra). 1943. Envelope headed 'Tawanan Miliiter (Military Prisoner) bearing Netherlands East Indies 'Japanese Occupation of Sumatra' SG 18, 3 1/2c rose tied by Djakarta date stamp '16th Aout 03', written from 'R. Postmus, Djakarta' addressed to 'Dr S. Postmus, Officier Kesehatan, Klas 1, Blanda (Dutch), Stam Boek, No 15891, Java - Z (Bandoeng) with framed 'Furyo Yubin (Prisoner of War Post) in red on face.
High ranking Prisoner of War internees could receive envelopes rather than post cards. Very few are known to exist.
A very fine item of POW mail.
Ex Paul Bulterman's Prisoner of War collection.