Ref: DR17676
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Netherlands East Indies. (Prisoner of War in Java). 1944. Netherlands East Indies Japanese Occupation 'Dai Nippon' postal stationary card 3 1/2c grey written from 'F.C. Harsvelt, Djakarta' cancelled by Djakarta date stamp '20th April 04' and endorsed 'Tawanan Militair' (Miltary Prisoner) in red crayon, addressed to 'A. Harsveldt, No 15055, Belanda (Dutch), Luitenant tev zee 2nd K.L. Java X (Batavia) with rectangular 'Furyo Yubin' (Prisoner of War Post), hand-stamped 'Jawa hon' (Java POW Headquarters) with 'Ken'etsuzumi' (censored) in carmine and small seal of Zumi" in carmine. Very fine.
Ex Paul Bulterman's Prisoner of War collection.