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Netherlands East Indies. (Internment Camp Mail). 1940. Netherlands East Indies postal stationery card 3 1/2c grey written from Pematang Siantat Internment Camp dated '14th June 1940' with oval 'Militair Detchement/ Interneeringakamp/ P. Siantar' in violet (signed by the Commander) and cancelled Pematang Siantar '14/6', addressed to an internee at Raja Protection Camp for women, routed via Medan with 'Militaire Censor/ Medan' hand-stamp in violet and charged '3' in carmine applied at the Raja Protection Camp.
The Pematang Siantat Internment Camp housed 171 internees (men) from Aceh and Sumatra's East coast. The camp closed on 3rd October 1940.
Very attractive item with short lived censor.
Ex Paul Bulterman's Internment Camp collection and illustrated in his book 'Nederlands Indie in Oorlog" page 13.