Ref: DR17708
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Netherlands East Indies. (Prisoner of War in Sumatra). 1944. Prisoner of War postal stationery card (1st type) headed 'Furyo Yubin' (Prisoner of War Post) with pre-printed 'Furyo Shuyosho' (Prisoner of War Post) with vertical hand-stamp above reading "Marai" in katakana script with 'Ken'etsuzumi' (censored) and rectangular seal of "Takahasi" in orange, written by 'Walter Siebers, Ensign' addressed to his wife 'Mrs E. Siebers, Salemba 27, Djakarta' with framed' 'Jawa 1' (Java district 1) in violet and forwarded to 'Kramat Camp' in Batavia with endorsement in blue and Camp No 2065' anoined '27th August 1944' the date the card was received by Mrs Siebers.
Unrecorded "Marai" three syllable hand-stamp not noted by David Tett in his book on the Dutch Indies 'Paradise Lost' or Singapore and Malaya 'The Changi Connection'.
Ex Paul Bulterman's Prisoner of War collection.