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Netherlands East Indies. (Netherlands - Prisoner of War). 1942. 'Veldpost' Briefkaart written from 'W.H.F. Klien, Stb No 119698, 1st Compagnie, 1st Garrison Battalion, A & 0' dated 'Hospital' "Somewhere" 10th January 1942' addressed to Hollywood, California, U.S.A.' bearing Netherlands Indies SG 429, 10c vermilion tied by framed 'Veldpost/ Distribiekt. 46' hand-stamp with 'Gecensureerd/ 128' censor hand-stamp in violet and double ring 'Passed By Censor' and endorsed '1476' (censor number) in m/s applied on arrival.
Lovely item.
W.H.F. Klien was both a Dutch soldier and philatelist, he wrote this Veldpost card while recovering in the P.O.W. Hospital.
Ex Paul Bulterman's Internment Camp collection and illustrated in his book 'Nederlands Indie in Oorlog" page 42.