Ref: DR17733
  • £175.00

Netherlands East Indies. (Prisoner of War in Java). 1945. Prisoner of War (2nd) postal stationery reply card (Kirin) with pre-printed 'Ofuku Yubin Hagaki/ Fukushin' (P;ostcard with reply/ Outbound) and 'Furyo Yubin' (Prisoner of War Post), written from 'A. Harsveldt, No 9120, Belanda (Dutch), Luitenant t/zee 11 KL, Djawa W.M. (Bandoeng), dated '1st January 1945' addressed to 'Njonja (Mrs) F.C. Harveldt, Djakarta' with framed 'Jawa Yokuryusho Ken'etsuzumi' (Java Internment Camp Censored) hand-struck in carmine and circular seal of "Tachi", anointed '16/1' indicating arrival in red crayon on reverse.
David Tett and Spink state 'These Reply cards are very scarce.' The 'Kirim' is the outbound reply half.
Ex Paul Bulterman's Prisoner of War Collection.