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Netherlands East Indies. (Red Cross Form). 1946. Red Cross enquiry form (Bulterman Form 21A) headed 'POESAT PERHIMPOENAN PALANG MERAH INDONESIA/ Djl. Rijswijk 27 - Djakarta' written by 'Isaak Lemmers, Kamp Pangka, Tegal, Pekalongan, Java' dated '11th September 1946' addressed to 'Th. G.R. Meyer, Block G, Section 9, Kamp IV, Tjimahi' with circular 'Palang Merah Indonesia/ Tjabang Tegal' in violet, routed via the Red Cross Batavia 'Comite International/ Delegation Batavia', with oval 'P.M.I./ Tasikmalaja' and circular 'Tentar/ R/ Division/ Postentapa/ Resimen/ VII/ Perkiepoeng'.
Ex Bulterman who noted Tjimahi was in Dutch authority territory. The sender was interned in the Pangka Camp which was controlled by the Republican Army.