Ref: DR17742
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Netherlands East Indies. (Prisoner of War in Java). 1943. Netherlands East Indies 'Dai Nippon' postal stationery card 3 1/2c grey written from Pengingepan Camp, Tegal dated '19th September 1943' addressed to 'S.V. Velzen, Sargeant 1st Klas, Blanda (Dutch), No 947, B. VI (Tjilatjap) cancelled Tegal '20/9', endorsed 'Tawanan Mileter' (Military Prisoner) with boxed 'Ken' etsuzumi/ Jakaruta Kyoku (Censored)/ Djakarta Post Office)' and seal of "Motohashi", adjacent boxed 'Furyo Yubin' (Prisoner of War Post) and m/s 'Ken'etsuzumi' (censored) with oval unidentified seal in orange, framed ' 'Ken'etsuzumi'/ Yubin Kyoka' (Censored/ Post Office) in carmine with hand-struck instructional 'Kembali Pada Sipengirim' (Return to Sender) and framed 'Rejected' with endorsement 'Deceased' in red ink and typewritten "111 1400", the POW number.
Very fine item addressed to Tjilatjap with code 'B'.
Illustrated in David Tett 'Dutch East Indies/ Paradise Lost" volume 2, page 340.
Ex Paul Bulterman's Prisoner of War collection.