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1943 | Thailand

Ref: DR19653
  • £195.00

Thailand. (Singapore - Censored Mail). 1943. Air Mail envelope addressed to Minneapolis bearing SG 254, 5s violet, SG 256, 15s blue (pair), SG 296, 50s orange and grey and SG 307, 1b indigo tied by Bangkok GPO date stamp '20th March 43' with bold circular '2' (in serifs) censor chop in violet on face.

Attractive four colour franking with Siam '2' censor hand-stamp. Having noted over a hundred Thai censors from 1 to 10 it would appear 6 or 9 to be the most common with '2' in a 'serif' variety (we have recorded 2, see DR 14649) on the web store the most difficult. The normal '2' hand-stamp DR 15104 is the only example we have seen. 'Nils Ramm-Ericson' in his 'Airmails of Siam' had no examples illustrated.