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About us

A Bit About Me: David Wrigley

Hello and welcome to my web store.  I guess you arrived here because like me you have a passion for philately.

I still remember the day stamps caught my interest. My father was with the foreign office and his colleague gave me some of those 1960's views of Istanbul on his return from Turkey, that was it I was hooked.

Soon a rummage around the attic produced my fathers boyhood stamp collection and inside his pride and joy. From Jamaica the 1919 pictorial 'War Contingent Embarking', a wonderful green stamp from an exotic far of island. He had been on his way to school with his best friend up Trinity Road Tooting and passed Stockmans stamp shop, there in the window was the stamp, just arrived, priced 'one old penny'. Both boys had to have it and on the lunch time bell ran like the wind down the hill determined to own it, my father got there first. I still have it.

Fast forward a few years and every weekend I would be on a bus or train to the Epsom or Kingston stamp shops or for a real treat in the school holidays up town to the stamp centre on the Strand hunting for stamps.

Later I had a part time job with Pat O'Connell in the stamp centre and even had time to sell a few dupilcates at stamp shows in the south. Here I am at my first one in Horsham back in 75.

Thanks to a very considerate career master at school who took my passion seriously my dream job became a reality and soon I was sitting at a desk with Harmers of Bond Street amongst some of the top names in philately  back in the day.

But I missed the retail side of stamps and thanks to my old holiday contacts I was soon back in the Strand with Leo Baresch in the stamp centre. Perhaps in the late 70's early 80's the centre of the stamp world.

This new web site coincides with me celebrating thirty five years as a sole trader. I've sold to 'A' list Hollywood actors and rock legends but most important of all folks like you and me who enjoy the thrill of collecting stamps or postal history.

Philatex London 2013 with my great buddy and Thai collector the legendary Bryan 'Dickie' Dowler.

Singapore 2019.   The next generation.  (A chip of the old block) !

You may have come across me at international like London 2000, 2010, 2015, Chicago 1986, Washington 2006, New York 2016 and many ASEAN shows in Asia, Singapore, Bangkok, Yokohama, Seoul, Taiwan, Jakarta and Australia. I have attended many APS shows and will celebrate 21 years at Westpex, San Francisco this year.

Please take a look at what I have to offer.

I am a member of the P.T.S. London, the Collectors Club, New York and the Royal Philatelic Society London.

Thank you. David Wrigley,   Bangkok.

What do we Specialise In?

Postal Historian specialising in letters (covers/ postal history) with a strong selection representing Asia and the Far East, fine items from Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Netherlands  East Indies, Malaya,  and India with a good range of French Colonies and British Colonies up to World War Two, much censor and Military mail with Air Mails with Trans-Atlantic and Pacific mail.

Europe, South America and United States with Trans-Atlantic mail.

Infact we hope something for everyone.   Please take a look.

If you see an item that interests you please take the time to forward us an email and we would be happy to forward you a scan of the front and reverse.